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AEP Session
In Person up to 4 hours Anointing and Processing
Price: $475.00
Amen Brain Test - by mail or in person
Multiple Brain test checklists mailed out & must be returned for best results to determine your brain's best diet, exercise, essential oils, and supplements to bring your brain into balance.
Price: $300.00
60 minute phone consult
This is a consultation only, not therapeutic services call for appointment first
Price: $100.00
Custom Essential Oil Blend
100% Therapeutic Grade Essential oil mixed especially for your needs.
Price: $47.00
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Healing Oil Necklace
Elegant Sterling Silver necklace opens to insert your cotton with your favorite essential oil to give you the therapeutic aromatherapy throughout the day. Sterling silver box chain included.
Price: $47.00
Rapid Resolution Therapy Session
Clears one issue (thought, emotion or behavior)
Price: $475.00
Therapeutic CARE certified Raindrop Annointing
9-12 Essential Oil Application, 2 hour service
Price: $147.00

Services & Products
If you wish to purchase E-Gift Cards please follow this link to my square page.  Monthly Specials will be offered!

Merry Christmas!  BOGO for Certified Raindrops through Jan. 30!

I offer services and products for your overall health.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these items.
Essential Oils are very helpful in many ways and I encourage clients to use them during and after treatment as the sense of smell has a very powerful effect on the brain and the activity of changing it for the better.
If you wish to purchase my 100% Therapeutic Grade oils, please contact Todd Dorsey 636-352-7041

I believe that one's mental health & personal life concerns should remain completely confidential, therefore I only accept some insurances (I will provide you with documentation for regular psychotherapy if not in network.)
Most insurance companies require a medical diagnosis which may prevent you from obtaining coverage for a particular condition in the future. 
I feel this is unfair to you as the consumer.  Therefore I refrain from labeling anyone with a particular diagnosis unless you request it.  I believe in healing from within and that people are more than a diagnosis.  I will be happy to provide you with receipts which you can choose to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
I never want cost to deter anyone from receiving services that can lead to a better quality of life.  Therefore, I will work with people on making payment plans that will fit their individual budget.  Please contact me if you would like to work with me but need a payment plan as I will always work with those who want to improve their lives.
If you are interested in Amen Brain Testing services but are unable to come to my office, I will be happy to do an assessment via US mail service.  All services must be pre-paid with a valid check or credit card. The fee for this service is $300.
All products are healthful suggestions based on scientific evidence.  However, they are not intended to replace a physician's recommendations or to cure any illness.  During the therapeutic process, I may request to consult with your physician to help you obtain optimal health.
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