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Dr. Patty Caldera is now excited to provide Certified Student Supervision for the following Universities:

Saint Louis University
Brown School of Social Work of Washington University, St. Louis
UMSL - University Of Missouri St. Louis
Independent LCSW Clinical Supervision

In your quest to become a Social Worker and have diverse experiences in the field, I invite you to explore building a local clinical practice from the ground up as well as provide clinical services directly to clients in need. 

You may learn how to communicate effectively with insurance companies to ensure coverage for your clients. 
Complete diagnostic testing and evaluations.
Provide individual, family or group counseling sessions.
Develop and execute full educational group settings for community outreach.
Learn cutting edge trauma recovery services.
Develop effective marketing and social media skills directed for local and national publication.
Get involved in grassroots projects.
Learn to communicate and consult with other local health providers for the health and well-being of your clients.

Please contact me directly at to discuss your possible placement at Amaranth Counseling, LLC dba Drops Of Hope Integrative Care Center.

Photos of site:

Parking Lot Entrance

Street View


Multipurpose Room

Waiting Area

More Photos to follow:
                                                                  Our Chiropractor - Dr. Leapley's Rm.
                                                                  Entrance & Classroom
                                                                  Trauma Recovery Room
                                                                  Raindrop/Acupuncture Room

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