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Yay! Now LPT!
I was on TV Fox2News Live in the Morning today :)
Monday's Raindrop Demo Results
Raindrop Technique Demo
Welcome the New Year with Dr. David Stewart :)


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Monday's Raindrop Demo Results

Wow, we had an incredible Raindrop Demonstration workshop last night! Special Thanks to Professor Rihab (She teaches Physics at Flo Valley College in St Louis) for her help in the demonstration :)
Her special insights to the molecular structures of the oils was very helpful and informative!
If you missed this Raindrop class we hope you won't miss the next one.  We had such a nice gathering.  Our volunteer really seemed to enjoy the experience so our gratitude and willingness to participate goes out to Penelope for her generous participation.

Raindrop Technique Demo

I'm so excited that this coming Sat. Jan 15 we will be having a Raindrop Technique Demonstration!  FREE

When:  Sat. Jan. 15, 2011 at 2pm
Where:  Amaranth Counseling, LLC
       1360 S. 5th St. Suite 398
       St Charles, MO  63301
Registration is required, seating is limited.  Please call 636-352-3650

Who should attend:  Spa owners, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Anyone interested in learning about the technique & essential oils.
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