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Dr. Patricka Caldera (goes by Dr. Patty) holds a Doctorate in Pastoral Medical Science as well as a Master's degree from St. Louis University in Clinical Social Work. Additionally, she is a US Air Force veteran who served as a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist on F-4's and OV-10's. She is now dedicated as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who uses brain-based therapy techniques, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing certified since 2008) Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT- Masters certified 2011) and personally developed Amplified Emotional Processing (AEP), to process trauma-recovery.  Her emotional support therapy dog, Odie attends some sessions.

Patty holds a Masters Certification in Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), developed by Dr. Jon Connelly in Florida. This is a secular Trauma Protocol for processing trauma. 

Amplified Emotional Processing incorporates Biblical Spirituality and clinical aromatherapy into the individual's processing and is considered a holistic treatment not covered by insurance.

Dr. Patty did her internship training under Dr. Danial Amen, world-renowned, brain SPECT Imaging Psychiatrist and ADD/ADHD expert, near Washington DC in 2006 to address brain based aspects in trauma recovery which inspired her to create her own specific approach to trauma called “AEP” – Amplified Emotional Processing.  Dr. Patty is a fully certified Brain SPECT Analyst and utilizes this to conduct the AMEN Brain Testing for identifying your brain needs.

Dr. Patty’s experience in delivering these brain-based Neuro-therapy models to clients, has shown evidence that it is essential for Mind, Body and Spiritual needs to be addressed simultaneously for the fastest results.

Dr. Patty’s background is in working with clients of all ages and with many variations of trauma. Her passion is treating trauma and seeing incredible results.  She many times works with your current therapist to provide targeted adjunct Trauma recovery. She primarily serves US Veterans through the VACCN community care network and individuals on an as needed basis. 

Dr. Caldera also has unique first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing military families, service members & retired veterans, from having personal experience with an older brother was KIA during the Korean War.

Drops of Hope provides scholarships for AEP or RRT sessions for Active Duty and Military Veterans upon request. Please call and request an application for one if you are in this category.

Dr. Patricka Caldera - LCSW, PScD, DPSc., MSW

LMFT, MCRRT, Certified Amen Brain SPECT Analyst (CABSA),

Some of our services are covered by your Health Insurance or your Health Savings Account.  

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